WindPaddle Sail Reviews

WindPaddle Sails review by Cliff Jacobson for Piragis Northwoods (Canoe application)

..."The (WindPaddle) PaddleSail is the best touring canoe sail I’ve used on a canoe. It is lighter, faster into and out of action, and it provides better control than any makeshift or production “quickie” sail I’ve used. It takes up very little space in a pack..." Read more

WindPaddle "Adventure" - by

"In my view the tests went very well and I was pleased with the performance of the WindPaddle. It was light, easy to use and very quick to rig. The WindPaddle goes across wind (almost 90 degress with a rudder) and was easy to depower. It is excellent for going downwind. That's what I want a sail for. Just for those long trips where I could do with some assistance getting back without rigging the sail on land before I head out. So all in all, it does what its meant to do." Read more here...

WindPaddle Cruiser - Canoe sail review by Song of the Paddle (UK)
(October 2010)

"... if you want a sail to give you a free ride when the wind is at your back the WindPaddle is the way to go. I have had my other sailing rig for a few years at least now but am pretty sure I have used the windpaddle more in the last few weeks than the other sail has seen in the last few years. It is just so simple to deploy and install." (read more)

WindPaddle Adventure - Kajak Magazin (Germany)
(October 2010)

"Sinnvolles Zubehör zur Nutzung der Windenergie" (more soon)
online reference at


(September 2010)

WindPaddle "Cruiser" sail review - Holland.

"Most important for me is the versatility of the Windpaddle. You can use it on any craft and it doesn’t turn a kayak or canoe into a complex, heavy sailing craft..." (read more)

WindPaddle Cruiser
- Pete Bursnall (UK)
(March 2009)

""In summary, a well designed, sturdy and easy to use sail that takes little effort to set up, hardly any space in the boat and no time to deploy. I am going to ask Nick if he will let me keep this one as paddling downwind has never been so relaxing!" (read more)

WindPaddle Adventure - Norge/Norway Paddle Magazine
(October 2010)

"Smart padleseil med enkel håndtering. Padling har testet West System sitt padleseil, «WindPaddle», under
varierende vindforhold. Vår konklusjon er at dette er et utmerket
hjelpemiddel for en kajakkpadler, spesielt på lengre turer." (read more)

(September 2008)

"The charm of the WindPaddle sails is their simplicity and ease of use. You are always free to brace or simply drop the sail and paddle within moments..." (read more)

(August 2008)

"The [WindPaddle] sail was a blast and added extra speed for our seven mile downwind sail back in to the launch...I would not hesitate to recommend one..." (read more)

(July 2008)

"Nick Wiltz...has come up with a new design, the WindPaddle, that solves many of the problems associated with kayak sails..." (read more)

(January 2008)

"The sail pops open like a sapling released from a stake in the ground. That’s it. Grasp the sail’s sheets, which double as stays, and you’re sailing..." (read more)

(October 2008)

"In my view the tests went very well and I was pleased with the performance of the WindPaddle...It is excellent for going downwind..." (read more)

(August 2008)

"The WindPaddle folks have got it right. What really attracted us is that you can use it on any kayak with simple deck rigging..." (read more)

(March 2008)

"These things are a blast! They didn't take long to get the hang of, and after a bit we were cruising downstream faster than we could ever hope to paddle..." (read more)

(December 2007)

"[The] WindPaddle Adventure model is a 9 out of 10 for pure fun. This is a very clever kayak sail that is simple to use and totally portable from kayak to kayak..." (read more)