Green WindPaddle The Green Shipping option gives you the choice of a ‘softer’ shipping option for your purchase.

By selecting the Green Shipping box, you get:
– Reduced packaging, reduced waste (saves paper, ink, staples, etc.)
– Environmentally friendlier shipping (less transportation fuel costs because of lighter package shipping weight)

Cool huh?  Here’s what happens; we reduce the packaging that usually comes with the product, but you still get all the information in a PDF file.

Upon shipment of your order we email you all package labeling, user instructions and warranty information sent with your shipping packing list.  You get everything even before you receive your order so you can look it over and almost feel like you have it in your hands!  Feel free to print out the *.PDF files, or better yet, read them on your computer, notebook or even your phone.

Save Money + Save resources = Green Shipping (by WindPaddle)