"We love our Windpaddle Scout sail. It’s easy to use and lots of fun. Our real reason for buying the sail, though, is more practical. We live in an area with consistently high winds. Some of the places off the coast that we like to explore are upwind, but after struggling against the wind to get there it has always felt like a big hassle to have to paddle back. Now we actually look forward to paddling into the wind, since we know that coming back will be an absolute paddle-free pleasure. Customer service has been phenomenal – our sail had a slight “hitch” but they responded quickly and competently.!" - Eric and Jenny (New York)

"This has to be the simplest and smartest design of them all. Fits any sort of canoe, kayak, ski, sit on top kayak or in fact anything that floats...Just fantastic for recreational paddlers as this is a no fuss sail. Fold it up and attach to your kayak or canoe where it's out of the way and unleash when you want to harness wind power!" - Ian (New Zealand)

"With the addition of the WindPaddle, I am enjoying the rivers more than ever. " - John (Florida)

"I purchased a WindPaddle from you awhile back and I’ve finally been able to try it out. It is FUN! People have asked me where I got my sail and I’ve sent them your way. This thing draws a lot of attention. This sail towed four of us against the current! I was surprised to learn you can sail on different points of sail, not just running. No worries of getting whacked with a boom or mast either! When I beached, my sail was quickly folded and tucked on deck. The kayakers with Hobie Mirages had to furl their sails to keep from getting blown over!" - DeeAnn (California)

"I used my sail for the first time this week. What an awesome design, so easy to use. I love it. Thanks!" - Chris (Oregon)

"Solid downwind performance from a lightweight sail that is easy to deploy and to stow." - Ed (Maryland)

"I think the WindPaddle Cruiser its an excellent sail option to have since many of us Hobie kayakers have the tandem model kayaks which really do need even more sail to drive the kayak along when loaded with two adults and gear. Having both the Cruiser and Adventure model, we could carry both WindPaddle sails on board and use the one that best suits the wind conditions of the day." - Clyde (California)

"We would be happy to endorse and would not hesitate to recommend a Windpaddle Sail to any kayakers looking for a fun, practical and easy-to-use kayak sail." - Clyde and Barbara (California)

"The WindPaddle is ideal for what we need: compact, cheap and not too much drilling into the kayak for fixtures and fittings." - Mike (UK)

"... using the [WindPaddle] sail on our Dorado kayak allows us to even track very close to 90 degrees cross wind as we are exceptionally stable. I tracked down wind to three guys in their yaks from a couple of km out, turned left - went around the first guy on my left and turned right back to the other two guys and not once used my paddle!" - Mike (Wellington, New Zealand)

"Thanks for the WindPaddle. It made it here to the South Pole station before Christmas and was a great surprise gift. Maybe we'll test it on a snow sled if we get some good winds! Thanks!" - Shelly (South Pole, Antarctica)

"I just purchased the Adventure WindPaddle, and had my first trial this weekend. I have to say, I haven't had so much fun on the water since I sailed a 16’ Hobiecat back in the '80s. Using the WindPaddle, a normally exhausting day out was a 'pleasure cruise'...Good luck with a great product!!" - Brian (New York)

"The sail is great. I'm impressed...it's such a neat thing to have with you when going out." - Sophie (Canada)

"The WindPaddle will definitely have a place in my kayaking collection. Things that I really like about it: [it's] easy to move from one boat to another and to mount on any kayak...[it's] easy to handle when raising and dropping...[and the] price is less than the others!" - Michael (Canada)

"We completed our expedition in great style. The longest traverse was 136km and took over 26 hours. During the traverse we used our WindPaddle sails almost throughout. The lighthouse measured the wind at over 19km/s. It was exhilarating." - Leanne (Japan)

User Testimonials

"We brought WindPaddle sails for the four PakCanoes on our Lapland canoe trip this summer. The sails were perfect - light enough to carry on some challenging portages and easy to stuff out of the way for whitewater paddling. Most importantly, the WindPaddles were forgiving enough of changes in wind direction to work through the river's twists and turns the last day on the trip when we finally had the wind blowing downstream. The last few miles into the Sami town of Kautokeino were completed in style!"

Alv Elvestad, Owner

"For those looking to use a sail with their kayak, the easiest solution is the WindPaddle." - Cooley (California)

"I sure enjoyed the WindPaddle Sail [Demo Day]... I purchased a WindPaddle sail today and can hardly wait for it to show up. The WindPaddle sail is very easily rigged to my Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140 kayak perimeter lines and both stows and deploys very easily. I made three short test drives with it in varying wind conditions, but I had no problems adapting to the new equipment on board. I was concerned that if the sail were to drag into the water that it might be difficult to keep the kayak under control, but a quick experiment with that scenario made it seem like all I needed to do was gradually pull on the control lines to regain full control over the sail. It cleared itself of any water and could easily be used or stowed again without much fuss. So from this new WindPaddle customer, I appreciated the opportunity to get hands on experience before making an investment...” - Dale (Washington)

"We just love our new WindPaddle Adventure sail. It had us both hooting and hollering this weekend on our kayak trip to Tomales Bay Ca. Thank you for developing such a clever and innovative kayak sail. We are saving up for a new Cruiser version I just now noticed on your web site." - Clyde and Barbara (California)

"I really like the idea of the WindPaddle as it can be easily ported from one boat to another with no deck rigging." - Mike (Victoria, Canada)

"My wife was using our WindPaddle sail in the photos you saw and she has never ever touched a sail before that day. Even though she was not an experienced sailor she was still able to use the WindPaddle to help sail our kayak pretty easily after only 15 minutes of practice out on the water!" - Clyde (California)

"After getting settled into the boats, we pulled out the sails we’d borrowed from WindPaddle. Neither of us had sailed before, and didn't’t know what to expect. These things are a blast! They din’t take long to get the hang of, and after a bit we were cruising downstream faster than we could ever hope to paddle." - Brian (Oregon)

"Very nice device. I sailed back home 2 miles today!" - Robert (Florida)

"Have tried them a couple of times in light winds and are very impressed with the ease with which the sails handle...we are looking forward to trying them out in force 3-5 winds." - Charles (United Kingdom)

"Hi, just wanted to say that I received my WindPaddle a couple of weeks ago and have managed to try it out a couple of times since then. It is really fun!!!! Not had that much wind yet but the possibilities are enormous. I get lots of stares each time I use it. Many are fascinated to see just how simple the whole thing is. Enjoying myself to say the least. Thanks!" - Neil (Switzerland)

"Quick shipping, very compact, works great!" - Tony (Minnesota)

"Received my new Windpaddle sail...What a great new toy!! GPS clocked me flying around 9mph in my Wilderness Systems Tempest 170 … what a ride! I’ve been window shopping for a kayak sail for a couple of years now. Reasons why I chose your sail:

  • Ad placement on the Paddling.net site. (Great reputation and reliable member feedback on all their product reviews)
  • No need for permanent deck mounting to my boat.
  • Portability - Small. Folds down and stows easily under my deck bag.
  • Can use on more than one boat.
  • Easy to use.
  • LOTS of fun!

It definitely made for great conversation and shared enjoyment of our new toy! Thanks again for providing a great product!" - Michele (Virginia)