These videos started out as the ones we made. Now with many more folks filming, we've included some of them too!

"Hands-Free" Floating Fish Net - A promotional video highlighting the new Floating Fish Net, staring a few unpaid bass and trout actors.


Canoe Sailing - Tandem and Solo We never seem to have enough canoe sailing videos. Instructional tips.


"Packraft sailing" (Finland)Trying out WindPaddle Cruiser ( for the first time, on an overnight trip from Klobben, through Pentala, to Porkkala (~28 km in total).


"Canoecopia" (Madison, WI) show video shot by the fine folks from Rapid Media. Good overview of our sails as well as a look at our show booth.


WindPaddle sailing vs. paddling.

Here's a video submitted by one of our customers in a light breeze sailing with a paddler. The winds are about 12 MPH or so and the boat is going approx. 6 knots.


Rigging and sailing instructions - "Sailing 101" - We start from attaching the sail to a single kayak, describe how to capture the wind coming in from the side allowing the kayak to sail in a complete 108 degree off-the-wind envelope. Sailing off to the left or right at 90 degrees to the direction that the wind is blowing is called "Reaching" in sailing parlance, and we do it here, out on the water to show you how. Coiling, stowing and launching are also demonstrated. Sit back and come sailing with us!

-Sailing across the wind

-Coiling and stowing the WindPaddle sail while out on the water,

-Launching the sail

-Trimming the sail for sailing across the wind.


Fishing Kayak Sailing - Nice long video of sailing a fishing kayak. Try going this fast by paddling!


WindPaddle "Reaching" - or sailing across the wind.

Here's a nice. short little video that a customer made showing the proper sail positioning for reaching or sailing across the wind. In the video, the wind is coming from the left or "port" side of the boat at 90 degrees. The sail is rotated to the right, or "starboard" at about a 45 degree CW rotation.

This is called a starboard tack and the boat is sailing directly across the wind at 90 degrees from the direction the wind is blowing. Good video!


New Folding video! - Better and Improved.

This new technique works best when the sail is attached to your kayak or canoe, or if standing, just put a foot on the harness to keep the sail from skipping or sliding away from you. Thank you Rhonda for seeing how much easier this method is as compared to the old way!



A short winters sail. (2:22 min)
Complete with wind, snow and a few cautious coots.


WindPaddle Kayak Sails: in Mexico's Sea of Cortez


So do you REALLY think you want to try this using an umbrella? (These guys did!)

Informatie voor gebruik Windpaddle,zie ook

First Time WindPaddle sailing.

van Tisno naar Pirovac in Kroati√ę.

Second Time WindPaddle sailing. keeps getting better! ūüôā

van Tisno naar Pirovac in Kroati√ę.

De Windpaddle is een handig ‚Äúpop up‚ÄĚ zeil, verkrijgbaar in 2 uitvoeringen. De Windpaddle maakt het mogelijk om eenvoudig met een kajak of kano voor de wind te zeilen.

Het type wat ik gebruik is de Adventure met een diameter van 106,7 cm (opgevouwen 38,1cm) en weegt 368 gram. De Windpaddle bevestig je eenvoudig met 2 clips aan de kajak of kano. Bij weinig of geen wind is het zeil snel compact op te vouwen onder de deklijnen, alhoewel dit wel enige oefening vereist. Wanneer je de wind in de rug hebt en gebruik wil maken van de Windpaddle, trek je aan het koord en de Windpaddle opent in één beweging.

Bij een matige wind (windkracht 3 tot 4) is het al mogelijk een snelheid te halen van zo’n 5 tot 6 km per uur. Dit heb ik uitgetest op de Kortenhoefse Plassen m.b.v. een GPS. Voor mij voldoet de Windpaddle goed, is makkelijk mee te nemen op mijn kajaktochten en als de mogelijkheid zich voordoet, dan is een ruk aan het koord voldoende om de tocht zeilend voort te zetten.

WindPaddle "Adventure" sail with GPS

Here is a nice video showing the launching and "speed" sailing of our solo kayak sail running downwind at over 6 knots! Nice music too.

WindPaddle "Cruiser" sail on a tandem

Here we are out in maybe 16 knots of wind hard reaching a Necky Tandem. We're sailing 90 degrees from the direction of the wind doing around 5 knots, which is about our paddling speed in this boat.

The video is shot close, but we are trying to show the various sail angles capable of sailing with the WindPaddle.

2010 Sit on Kayak with Raised deck Windpaddle set up.

Darren of Darren's Kayaks of Ireland shows how to fix the WindPaddle to a Native Raised Deck SOT.

More Videos from Darren at DarrensKayaks.comincluding some very well done Folding videos.

Thanks Darren!


Ed from Chesapeake Light Craft using a WindPaddle on Chesapeake Light Craft's Wood Duck 12.

His review? "Solid downwind performance from a lightweight sail that is easy to deploy and to stow".