Folding your WindPaddle sail

NEW FOLDING VIDEO - We've put up folding Version 2.0 for your folding pleasure. Most say it is easier and quicker to learn. We hope so. Here are the videos ----->

Here is the original folding video and instructions.

Folding a WindPaddle sail can be a bit challenging the first time or two - don't give up! Everyone says that once you get the hang of it, it really is quite simple!

Some important things to remember before folding your WindPaddle:

  • Watch the Folding Video. Watch it again!
  • The WindPaddle is folded into thirds, not halves. You collapse it in such a way that it makes three loops that fold down on each other.
  • As you fold your WindPaddle, make sure to keep it in one plane - that is, don't let the bottom twist and turn. This is much easier to do when the sail is attached to the boat...if it is not attached to your boat, you should brace the bottom of your WindPaddle against your legs,keeping it flat against you and not letting it twist.

We highly recommended that you master folding your WindPaddle before you venture out on the water with it!



Here is a modification to folding that we use when folding the "Cruiser" sail.

Same deal, just a larger sail size.

More Folding videos available at: of Ireland



  1. Make "thumbs down" sign with both hands.
    With thumbs in this position, grasp sail at top over grommets at the 10 and 2 o’clock positions.

  2. Push hands together while rotating top of sail down.
    The sail should now take on a "Pringles" potato chip shape with the top portion taking on a loop shape.
    IMPORTANT: Don’t let sail twist (this is easier when sail is attached to boat).

  3. Tuck top of sail down and under. Keep rotating your wrists until top loop of sail curls back up inside itself. You will notice that the left and right sides of sail are now shaped as loops.

  4. Fold left loop of sail down. Once left loop is folded on top loop, grasp the edge of both loops with left hand.

  5. Fold right loop of sail down. Once right loop is folded on top of left loop, grasp the edge of all three coiled loops.

  6. Secure sail. Wrap compression strap around the coiled WindPaddle sail or, if attached to boat, secure under a deck line or bungee cord.
windpaddle image

Practice, and when you've got it down, you're ready to go sailing!

windpaddle image

windpaddle image

See our how to sail your WindPaddle Video HERE.