The technology behind all current WindPaddle products is the novel (and we didn't invent this) propensity of coiling a ring or hoop into a set of three inter-coiling rings, reducing the apparent size of the ring or hoop to 18% of it's original size. This is magic! This is almost like getting something for free, and we immediately loved it! It's actually called "overcurvature" and you can find information detailing the mathematics of the process, or you can just fold it, grin, and know you have just done something really really cool! The rest isn't really "technology", it's just attention to manufacturing detail and using the highest quality materials available. You could say that the "backbone" of our products is a very high-modulus, nearly unbreakable, composite material that we use for holding the shape in our products. It's rectangular in cross-section to resemble a beam (for stiffness) to reduce sag in the finished item, creating a stiffer, better performing product. Many manufactured items have this type of stiffening member installed, and they all have one thing in common; they break or bend. Ours doesn't. To continue to get technical, our stiffening "beam" can be deformed without breaking way past where the other guy's stuff will break. This is called elastic deformation; the amount of deformation a material can be subjected to, yet still return to its original shape after the force is removed. You may ask, "Can't everyone make their tent, hoop, folding clothes hamper, etc. out of this material so it won't snap or break?" Answer: Yes they can, but it costs more $$

A New Era in Small-Craft Sailing.

Paddlers have been modifying small crafts like kayaks and canoes with sails for many years, but the WindPaddle has begun a new era in small-craft sailing.

Serious Sail Design.

WindPaddle Sails looks like they are made by a sailmaker, because they are! Combine modern materials, technology and proven sail design, and you get a high-performance sail that's durable and easy-to-use.

Here's a breakdown of the technology:

The Sail.

The WindPaddle sail is made of ½-ounce rip-stop polyester spinnaker sailcloth, the same material used on racing yachts. This material is low-stretch fabric that will not absorb water or become heavy when wet.

A large, horizontally-oriented clear window in the center panel of the sail allows for good visibility.

The Sail Seams.

All of the seams are sail-taped and sewn using traditional triple-stitch zigzag sail seam construction. A triple-stitch zigzag results in a strong seam where the panels are sewn.

The “Mast”.

The sail needs no installation of mast or rig, Instead we use our Perimeter Batten Technology on all our sails. The windowed sail is supported by a laminated and non-corroding high-modulus yet highly elastic and virtually unbreakable perimeter batten. This batten can be deformed (twisted, bent) yet will still return to its original circular shape. The batten allows the sail to be coiled into thirds (18% of its original size!) for compact stowage and storage.

The “Rigging".

The WindPaddle sail requires no modification to the boat or addition of separate hardware. We have designed a clever WindHarness (patent-pending) deck-mounting system that connects the sail to the deck of the boat using existing hardware or deck lines.

The "Launching" and "Dousing".

WindPaddle sails use the stored energy in the coiled and stowed Perimeter Batten to instantly launch and deploy the sail in less than a second (watch our movies). The full sail can be coiled and folded in seconds to be stored under a deck bungie cord. Compare the set-up, launching and dousing of the WIndPaddle to any other sail system and you will see the advantage. Easy - Fast - Safe.

Safe & Lightweight.

The unique circular design of the WindPaddle keeps the center of effort low for stability, making this the safest small-craft sail available. As wind speed increases, the center of effort remains fixed and doesn't move up or down. And it's easy to de-power the sail instantly, so you're always in control.

At 13 ounces, the WindPaddle "Adventure" sail is the lightest weight sail available, and its compact size makes it convenient to slip it in under your deck pack when not in use.

WindPaddle Sail on Wooden Kayak

Adventure Sail Physical Dimensions:

Deployed diameter - 42" (106.7 cm.)
Coiled/folded diameter - 15" (38.1 cm.)
Sail area - 9.62 sq. ft. (0.8937 sq. m²)
Weight - 13 oz. (0.0.368 kg.)

Cruiser Sail Physical Dimensions:

Deployed diameter - 56" (142.24 cm.)
Coiled/folded diameter - 20" (50 cm.)
Sail area - 17.1 sq. ft. (1.589 m² )
Weight - 22oz. (0.6237 kg.)


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"...The WindPaddle ...solves many of the problems associated with kayak sails—the bulk, the hassles of foredeck storage, the over-big presence—in a unique way."