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The 13-Ounce Sailing Solution!






Responding to the needs of canoeists and tandem boaters, we have designed the WindPaddle Cruiser Sail, which keeps all of the lightweight ease-of-use features of the WindPaddle Adventure Sail but cranks the power up a few notches for the heavier boats.

Just released August 2008, the WindPaddle Cruiser Sail is our largest-sized sail, with a 50% larger sail area.

The WindPaddle Cruiser Sail launches and flies from the on-deck position. It can be set-up for instant self-launching either before sailing or while out on the water.

The Cruiser Sail


WindPaddle Cruiser sail for Tandems and Canoes

"This is a very clever kayak sail that is simple to use and totally portable from kayak to kayak." - Chuck, South Dakota (USA)

water. So there's no need to return to shore to launch sail!

The WindPaddle Cruiser Sail comes with the WindHarness strap that connects to the existing boat hardware (perimeter line, bungy cords, eye-straps, etc.) and a continuous-line sheet for controlling the sail.

(Photo, at left: Adventure Sail in front of new larger Cruiser Sail, which is a 50% larger sail.)


Sail Data:

Deployed diameter - 56" (142.24 cm.)
Coiled/folded diameter - 20" (50 cm.)
Sail area - 17.1 sq. ft. (1.589 m²)
Weight - 22 oz. (0.6237 kg.)


Order a WindPaddle Cruiser Sail here.