WindPaddle Cruiser sail for Tandems and Canoes

Note: Our Sun Shades shelter you from the direct sunlight to keep you cool when out under the sun. Be sure to wear your sun screen as the Sun Shades do not effectively protect you from the potentially harmful UVA and UVB rays from the sun, nor block the reflected sun from off the water.

Gold color - SPF approx. 10, Blue color SFP approx. 22

Sun Shade Data:
Weight - 2 lbs.
Size – Approx 12 sq. ft.
Good in winds to 8 knots.
Stowed size – 24”x 2” diameter round package.
Price - $119.95 plus (shipping $10.00)

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The WindPaddle Sun Shade

Sun shades typically are heavy, permanently mounted “structures” not compatible with small, lightweight paddle craft.

The WindPaddle “Bimini” is a Sun Shade that easily attaches to any paddle craft, usually using existing deck fasteners or hardware. Built with lightweight and unbreakable materials, the “Bimini” will not change the stability of your boat while offering you cool shade and protection from the elements.

Retain your common paddle stroke while paddling under the Bimini. Easily attaches to existing hardware on decked kayaks, inflatables, canoes and SOT's.


-weighs two pounds
-removable while out on the water
-coils and stows in a small package
-connects to all paddle craft in minutes


windpaddle image